Pricing Information

Standard Home Inspections

• Up to 2000 sq. ft: $350.00
• 2000 to 3000 sq. ft: $400.00
• 3000 to 4000 sq. ft: $450.00
• Over 4000 sq. ft: Call for Quote

Condos / Townhomes

• Up to 1600 sq. ft: $300.00

Apartment Buidings/Commercial Units

• Please Call For a Quote

Commercial Property Inspections

• Please Call For a Quote

Additional Services

Pools / Spas Inspection

• Pools: $40.00
• Spas: $25.00
• Pool and Spa: $50.00

Garage Conversions & Guest Areas

• Please Call For a Quote


*Pricing is subject to change without notice. Unless otherwise noted, our evaluations are based on visual evidence reasonably available during our inspection. While not a specific guarantee, our report can be considered a sound opinion based on years of experience. Observations and conclusions may be limited since conditions could exist that would not be known during our inspection.